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Foreign shopping mall

2016-06-26 作者:admin

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Foreign shopping mall
Before go to IKEA, playing Oakleys, by the way to Yang Zhan store to buy a little Western stuff, eat, drink, fruit to buy a big bag. Never thought, this ocean exhibition purchase and I in the future will be more closely. Xue Zong, boldness, the acquisition of the ocean exhibition purchase, purchase foreign exhibition in the future is part of Hedong group, destined to each company's employees will than anyone else on Yang Zhan purchase are deeper feelings and more exchanges.

Remember once in the exhibition to buy a lot of things, including what to buy to send packets in the wet towel, cashier, trouble, the cashier said do not know how to take this gift to send stuff, check, waiting and negotiations, wasted a lot of time is small, it is a lot of side the edge of the customer, mistakenly think that the white people took something, it is blush. Obviously, Yang Zhan purchase management, the operation is still very young, there are many shortcomings. Yang Zhan share part now belong to the group of companies, readily online and experience the ocean exhibition shopping registration purchase. Such as Taobao, Jingdong and other online mode, easy to get started. Choose shampoo products, hair products in 14 countries is a superb collection of beautiful things, there are more than 200 kinds of, finally choose a shampoo shampoo in Korea, the price belongs to the medium. Express soon, they received second days.

At once in the evening with the new buy a new shampoo, taste fragrance, is Korea's style, washed hair smooth and supple, good products.

Circle of friends to share the experience of the lower body of the purchase, get a warm response.

Yang Zhan purchased through the line of cross-border boutique showcase, online cross-border shopping platform to build, the two synchronous operation, so that consumers can be directly facing the global brand, to provide consumers with comprehensive, high quality, authentic, cross-border goods affordable, let scouring the sea more convenient, shopping more energetic. Ha ha world really into the global village the. Join us mature Hedong enterprises group, will also from the management, capital operation to Yang Zhan purchase injected new vitality, inserts soaraway wing! Entertainment to Yang Zhan purchase, online shopping is to Yang Zhan purchase. The HR & Admin Group Dou Kangwen 2016 years 5 months 16